Are you visiting one of the best cities in Germany? Here is  what you need to know to really enjoy your stay  in Frankfurt Oder . 

Frankfurter-Oder is one of the historic cities with so many destinations. The city is full of art, theater, paintings and various interesting places. It houses many churches, a town hall, an old university building and the Kleist Museum. While Frankfurt-Oder is a popular destination for many tourists, curious artists from all over the world also flock to the city because of their cultural appeal.

The Kleist Museum is a former home of an artist named Heinrich Von Kleist, a German poet and dramatist. The city undoubtedly has a lot to offer. A variety of restaurants, art lovers who visit museums or shopping malls guarantee you an unforgettable experience, whether you are a historical or a contemporary fan.

1. Shopping in Frankfurt-Oder

Frankfurt is known to be one of the best shopping in the world. Regardless of the unique Polish markets, you can visit one of the breathtaking shopping centers here. There you will find more exciting ways to spend your day, especially during the festivals you will enjoy here.

The famous shopping centers are considered Spitzkrug-Multi-Center, Lenné Passagen or the Oderturm. If you are a shopping lover, you should definitely have fun here. For a more unusual shopping experience, you should go to the junk hall, a kind of covered flea market.

2. Eating in Frankfurt-Oder 

Did you know that the German headquarters of the popular company Nestle, the world’s largest food company, is located in Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt you will find a variety of international dishes at an affordable price. In Frankfurt Oder you will surely find  accommodation. There are many places as well as traditional German or Polish that cannot be overlooked. Visit the German restaurants Bulle and Bär or Frankfurter Kartoffelhaus to enjoy the delicious food.  

One of the most famous places for a real dinner is the Mexican restaurant „Sombrero“, where dishes are prepared according to traditional national recipes. If you love spicy food, visit the Indian town of „Nirvana“. In a restaurant called „Fratelli“ you will find a nearby Italian kitchen, where you can eat pizza and pasta „Lucca“.

3. Museums & Galleries in Frankfurt-Oder

Frankfurter-Oder is one of the eastern German cities with a variety of works of art in public spaces and buildings. If you look around the city, you can find it yourself.

There is a museum called Junge Kunst with over 11,000 paintings, works of art, sculptures and objects. The museum is a creation of an 18th-century artist Heinrich, born in Frankfurt. Another interesting place for art and culture lovers is the historical museum of the Viadrina and the memorial and documentation center for victims of political tyranny.

You can also visit concerts, theater, readings or dance performances. The Kleist Museum offers a concert hall with impressive architecture and various events. For those who love the theater, you can visit the “Modern Theater Oderland”, where you can see plays and concerts. A Laughter Theater offers programs for all ages, while the Frankfurt Theater organizes plays for children only.

In summary:

The city of Frankfurter-Oder has a lot to offer for a day or a week visit. So when you are here, you need to complete your list of places you want to visit according to your wishes. Here we’ve mentioned the most popular places to eat, watch art, and shop.

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