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Located on the west bank of the Oder, Frankfurt (Oder) is an independent city in the east of the state of Brandenburg. The Oder forms the border between Germany and Poland. Since 1999 our town has had the additional designation Kleiststadt after Heinrich von Kleist, who was born here in 1777.

Sports City Frankfurt (Oder)

Frankfurt (Oder) is a sports center in the state of Brandenburg. In addition to the Olympic base, the Bundeswehr sports promotion group and the sports school, more than 10,000 members do top-class and popular sports in the 13 state performance bases and the 83 sports clubs that are part of the city sports association. Hermann Weingärtner from Frankfurt (Oder) won three gold medals in gymnastics at the 1st Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. As a center of boxing, the city on the Oder became world-famous through the professional boxing world champion and today's honorary citizen of the city Henry Maske, as well as through the professional boxer Axel Schulz. The most successful representative of the traditional wrestling center is today's national coach Maik Bullmann, Olympic champion in 1992 and three-time world champion.

The women of the Frankfurt Handball Club e. V. became German champions in 2004. The Frankfurt sports shooter, Manfred Kurzer, Schützengilde Frankfurt a.d. Or 1406e. V., became Olympic champion in Athens in 2004 in the discipline running target. The most important football club is 1. FC Frankfurt EV e.V. (formerly FC Viktoria), which plays in the Brandenburg League.

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