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The lesser-known city in Brandenburg-Germany, Frankfurt Oder or Frankfurt an der Oder, is located about 60 km east of Berlin on the banks of the river Oder. Frankfurt Oder was once known as an important trading center and as a Hanseatic and university town. The great importance of the city was lost after World War II.

Inexpensive accommodation in Frankfurt Oder is offered by many hotels. Staying in the city is affordable and won't cost you a fortune.
So, before exploring this historical destination, here is some information about the city and its history:

Facts about Frankfurt Oder

Significance in World War II:
The city was declared a fortress in 1945 at the end of the Second World War to make it difficult for the Red Army to get to Berlin.
Even though there were hardly any civilians left in the city, Frankfurt Oder was almost completely destroyed by fire in the course of the fighting.
After the Second World War, the Oder River was defined as the new German-Polish border and the eastern part of the city was assigned to Poland. Since then, this part of the city has been called S?ubice and can only be reached via the well-known Oder Bridge.

Transport Connection:
When staying in Frankfurt Oder, it is important to know that the train station in Frankfurt Oder is served by the Berlin-Warszawa Express, giving you direct connections to the two capitals, Warsaw and Berlin.
With the regional express trains you can reach the inner-German cities of Cottbus and Magdeburg within a very short time.
The city's five tram lines ensure very good connections within the city.

Peace Bell:
The Peace Bell is an important symbol of the city. Traditionally, the bell is rung every year on September 1st, the World Day of Peace, to reaffirm peaceful relations between Poland and Germany.
The gigantic bell is made of three-ton cast iron and was moved to the Oder Promenade in 2011. A stainless steel frame holds the bell, which is a major tourist destination.
All you have to do is choose a good hotel in Frankfurt Oder and visit such attractions.

Cost Factor:
Frankfurt Oder is a surprisingly affordable city where you can enjoy a lot for little money.
The hotels in Frankfurt Oder are affordable and offer you inexpensive, clean accommodation.
It is also interesting that the prices in Slubice are even lower than in Frankfurt Oder.
Food and drinks are quite cheap in Frankfurt Oder's pubs, restaurants, cafés and bars.
In addition, tickets for the museums etc. are affordable for everyone.

Oder Tower:
The Oder Tower is an important city landmark that you should visit on your next trip. The 24-storey structure was built in the 1970s and you won't need a city guide to find it, as the Oder Tower is clearly visible from all directions.
An attractive shopping district is located in the lower part of the tallest building in Brandenburg. The well-known Panaroma restaurant with a breathtaking view over the entire region can be found on the top floor of the Oderturm.

That was some information about Frankfurt Oder if you are planning a visit to the city and looking for accommodation in Frankfurt Oder.

Good luck and have a good trip!

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